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INSPIRE Conference

How would you feel when you get together successful achievers, young entrepreneurs, motivated speakers and brilliant ideas in one place? Inspired! That was exactly what INSPIRE Conference did to the participants. It gave an opportunity for participants to not only hear the success stories of young start-ups, but also understand how simple ideas are converted into brilliant businesses using the right resources and technologies. Texavi participated in the conference and had some rich takeaways, besides networking with some great minds. Visit www.facebook.com/texavi for all the interesting photos of the event.

What was INSPIRE Conference about

The conference focused on how businesses could make it big from a small concept through to the execution. Speakers who had been there and done that, talked on the various topics ranging from Crowdsourcing and cloud computing to social media and delivering superior customer experiences. They used real-life business cases to prove that ideas could become successful businesses with innovation and using the right technologies. Also, the panel discussions threw light on the emerging trends in the industry drawing from the experiences and insightful analyses of expert panelists.

INSPIRE Presentation
INSPIRE Discussion

What's special at INSPIRE Conference

Besides the talks and panel discussions, the conference had some interactive sessions to engage the participants. The topics ranged from big data and social media (tweetmeme), digital trends in the entertainment industry and disaster management using the power of crowdsourcing (Ushahidi). INSPIRE offered a great platform for start-ups to exhibit their products. A case in point is Blippar, an Augmented Reality application that offers a 3D view of the advertisements.

INSPIRE Group Discussion
INSPIRE Interaction
INSPIRE Presentation Speech

Key takeaways form INSPIRE

The conference was the broad range of speakers from business leaders, CEOs and top technology evangelists and designers. During the breaks, these eminent personalities from the industry interacted with participants and offered their advices and views. It was nice to have Mr. Conrad Wolfram, from Wolfram Research demonstrate the Computable Document Format (CDF) for the first time even before its global launch. Also it provided great networking opportunities among the participants and speakers.

INSPIRE Networking