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Texavi Mantras for Social Businesses

Social business is not an option for organisations anymore!

Get it right with our Unified Experience Framework. Focus on...

  • People, not just customers and users
  • Experiences, not just engagement and influence
  • Brands, not just products and services
  • Habits, not just products and services
  • Insights, not just measures and analytics

Texavi Mantras for Social Business


  • Find, connect and follow the right people
  • Educate, engage and influence your followers
  • Deliver unified experiences and delight people
  • Cut your noise, care for people's voices and heartbeats


  • Add context around content
  • Create, curate and innovate content
  • Encourage meaningful conversations, not just content
  • Focus on caring and championing, not just sharing


  • Synchronise offline and online behaviours
  • Conversion is key - from followers to loyal customers
  • Get actionable and usable insights from analytics
  • Transition from conversations to interactions and transactions