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Texavi is a Social & Behavioural Technology start-up. We help you leverage the social technologies using the power of behaviour modelling, user experience and agile methodologies. Benefit from our expertise and experience in customer analytics, gamification and business analysis. Your business growth is our business goal!

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Texavi Services

Texavi Services Portfolio Consulting Training Solutions Agile Development Methodologies Business Systems Analysis User Experience Innovation Behaviour Modelling & Persuasion Social Business Enablement Public Workshops Corporate Training Boot Camps Social Media Optimisation Mobile & Tablet Applications Web Sites & Applications Texavi Innovative Solutions

  • Invest in people Invest in people!

    The right investment option for businesses today is people. We help you get the best return and rewards! Our consulting, training and solutions are geared to help you get the best return from this investment.

  • Consulting Consulting

    Delivering value quickly to you and your customers is our goal. Get it right with our experience, expertise and insights in social business, behaviour modeling, persuasive design, user experience and business analysis.

  • Training Training

    Training differentiates champions from players. We conduct customised corporate training as well as public domain workshops. Learning, applying and sharing are key to success for organisations and individuals.

  • Solutions Solutions

    Technology is the engine that drives our solutions. Texavi offers development on a range of emerging platforms & technologies such as Microsoft.Net & LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Gain from the rich experience and expertise of our talented teams.

Our Vision

To become the leading people-focused business, and to help our customers, partners and stakeholders realise the benefits from their investment in People!

Our Mission

Because 'people' are our business
We focus on people-centered solutions - social business, behaviour modeling and design, user experience and agile development.

We deliver delightful experiences to our customers, partners and stakeholders.
We do so by leveraging our key strengths of software product engineering, customer analytics, user experience innovation and business analysis.

Our Values

  • Imagineering - a powerful combination of imagination and engineering
  • Innovation from interactions, not just information technologies
  • Technology, for the welfare of people. Technology that works for you, your customers and all of us
  • Greener and eco-friendly solutions
  • Honesty and Openness - for our own good and the good of all those associated with us, directly and    indirectly.

Texavi Clients say...

"The delivery was consistent, thoughtful and measured. Texavi's Social Business Maturity Model worked well for me."

Louise Caldwell
- OMT Group