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Texavi Partners

Texavi has been working with esteemed organisations such as Microsoft, IBM and RIM. We partnered with these companies, as there is an alignment with our business focus, strategic direction and technologies. The partnership is aimed at bringing value to our stakeholders, customers, and users.

CITS - The Comupter and IT Services
Texavi is a proud member of the CITS (Computer and IT Services) Trade Organisation.

On 16th July, 2013 Texavi becomes a CITS-registered company. This is a recognition and appreciation of our continuous pursuit of delivering high quality services and solutions to our customers and stakeholders.
Microsoft BizSpark
Texavi becomes Microsoft BizSpark Startup company. We are proud to be associated and partnering with Microsoft in building people-focused solutions.

Texavi and Microsoft partner to create innovative solutions leveraging Microsoft's robust resources, technologies and deep community support. We design, develop and deliver products and applications for Web-based and Mobile platforms, using the powerful Microsoft technology stack.
IBM Business Partner
We are happy to announce that Texavi is selected IBM Global Entrepreneur. As part of this program, IBM provides Texavi the support and resources to help build smarter solutions for our clients.

With this partnership, Texavi enables the organisations in the Media, Publishing, Education and Technology industries around the world with innovative products, applications and solutions, based on robust and emerging technologies.
BlackBerry Alliance Associate Member
Texavi becomes BlackBerry Alliance Associate Member. We offer technical and professional services for RIM's BlackBerry Mobile and Tablet based solutions.

The new partnership enables RIM, their partners and Texavi to work together in creating innovative applications for all kinds of RIM's Mobile and Tablet devices. We design and develop applications catering to the multiple devices including mobile phones and Tablets.
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Texavi Clients say...

"The delivery was consistent, thoughtful and measured. Texavi's Social Business Maturity Model worked well for me."

Louise Caldwell
- OMT Group