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Texavi provides world-class, professional consulting services to help support our clients' initiatives. Our people-focused practices include Social Business Enablement, Behaviour Modelling and Persuasion and User Experience Innovation. We also offer expert consulting in Business Systems Analysis and Agile Development Methodologies to support the various business and technology initiatives of medium and large organisations.

The key domains and verticals that we serve are Media, Publishing, Education and Retail. Texavi focuses on these domains and verticals to ensure that we deliver the best value using our deep focus and specialisation.

Our Consulting Practices

Texavi Consulting Practices

Texavi's frameworks add value to our practices

Within each of the five consulting practices, we created proprietary frameworks and methodologies. The processes within these methodologies are prescriptive, yet flexible to be applied to organisations of varying sizes and industries.

Behaviour Modelling & Persuasion
Create the right behaviours and habits in your customers and users! Our Do It Now framework helps!

User Experience Innovation
Understand customers' real needs & deliver delightful products and services. Use Texavi's USE-IT methodology for customer insights.

Business Systems Analysis
Identify the real problems first to create effective solutions. Benefit from the rich insights by applying our ProLogic methodology.

Agile Development Methodologies
Manage change through the approach that works for you. Create the approach from proven methodologies like SCRUM and User Stories.

Behaviour Modelling & Persuasion
'Behaviour change separates the great companies from good.' Businesses can change the behaviours of their customers. Using persuasive messaging, behaviour modeling and design, we can help you create habits in people.
Do It Now Methodology
Business Systems Analysis
'Creating the right solution begins with defining the problem'. Business Analysis helps in identifying, specifying and communicating the problems and needs. This practice helps you transition smoothly from the problem space into the solution space.
ProLogic Framework
User Experience Innovation
'Sell experiences and emotions, not just products and services'. Innovation begins with reaching out to the users, understanding their needs and creating solutions to meet them. Our UXI practice helps you deliver compelling experiences to your customers and users.
Unified Experience Framework
Agile Development Methodologies
'Don't fear change, manage it'. Managing and responding to changes would help businesses to survive in this competitive world today. We help you to be agile and lean so that you can proactively manage the ever-changing landscape of business and technology.
SCRUM, User Stories