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Building Social Business

Focus on 'people', not just customers and users

Thanks to the emergence of social media, the networks of organisations and individuals are fast expanding. You have new segments of people coming into your networks besides the traditional customers, users, partners and suppliers. Followers, friends and fans are all now part of your circle of influence. It is time to put the focus back on 'the people'.

Unified Experience Framework

Get it right with your Social Business

  • Reach out to the real people behind the roles
  • Listen to their heartbeats, not just voices
  • Enable conversations, interactions and transaction
  • Convert friends and fans to customers and users
  • Deliver unified experiences and delight!

Our UnifiedExperience Framework helps to...

  • Synchronise offline & online behaviours
  • Add context around content
  • Enable commerce, not just conversations
  • Excite with rewards & fun
  • Get actionable insights from analytics