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Behaviour Modelling and Persuasion Overview

In the increasingly competitive markets, you must stand out from the crowd to differentiate, innovate and sell your products and services. It makes great business sense to have loyal customers and happy users, who contribute to repeat business. As they say, it costs ten times to acquire new customers than to retain existing customers and get repeat business from them. Behaviour modelling and persuasive design helps make or break habits, which directly contribute to the performance and growth of businesses.

Behaviour modelling helps in habit formation

The end-goal for businesses today is to help make or break habits in their customers. Using behaviour modelling and persuasive design, enabling behaviour change in people is possible for businesses today. Behaviours can be classified into different types based on the longevity or duration of their occurrence.

  • Get people engaged in a one-time action
  • Do it over some duration or for a defined period
  • Do it continuously over a long term
  • Do it regularly as a routine in one's life, as a habit

Behaviour Modelling and Persuasion Overview

Benefits of behaviour change and habits

  • Human beings are creatures of habit
  • One-time actions and purchases don't help much for a business
  • Businesses can change the behaviours of people
  • Habits can be formed in people through behaviour change
  • In doing so, people's trust in your brand and loyalty grows exponentially
  • Habits drive the usage of products and services and in turn, the business growth
  • Companies which helped make or break habits in the people, become successful