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User Experience Innovation

What separates great products from good products? Yes, it is innovation that offers superior value and delightful experiences to your customers and users. You have the technology, we have the edge... you have the products and services, we have the solution! Texavi gives you that competitive advantage and the new age differentiator using our proven and robust framework, USE-IT (Usable Software Engineering through Innovation in Technology)

User Experience Innovation

Texavi's UXI Service Offerings

Texavi offers the following services within our UXI practice:

  • Stakeholder management, product vision & roadmap definition
  • User profiles & personas
  • User studies, research and interviews
  • Product requirements specification
  • Prototypes, mockups & wireframes
  • Solution design - multiple platforms & devices
  • Usability testing - moderated and remote testing
  • Usability review and redesign a.k.a heuristic evaluation

Why Texavi's User Experience & Innovation Services?

  • World-class team of professionals focus on delighting you, your customers and users
  • Consistent and proven track record for quality, timely delivery, professional integrity
  • Experience of conducting user studies and tests in various countries and cultures
  • Deep technical expertise, domain knowledge, rich and relevant experience
  • Team has been ingrained with product engineering, product development culture
  • Talented team with the right professional qualifications and training
  • Our solutions span a variety of technologies, domains, verticals and channels
  • Successfully delivered multiple projects using agile development methodologies

URR - Usability Review and Redesign

  • Stakeholder interviews, understanding the vision and expectations about product
  • Expert review - usability evaluation of your product/prototype
  • Creation of prototypes & wireframes
  • Design of the solution - multiple platforms & devices