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Designing for Customer Delight - Talk at USID Conference

USID Foundation and Intuit Inc., jointly organized the 'Designing for Delight' workshop at Hyderabad as part of the USID conference. Texavi team actively participated in the interactive and innovative workshop that focused on the practical aspects of the customer experience and innovation process. Referred to as Designing for Delight (D4D) process, this approach is practical and efficient in discovering the real needs of the users.

At the end of the workshop, participants were asked to present their projects. It gave them opportunities to understand the latest research happening in the customer experience, design and product innovation areas around the world. Texavi team gave a talk on the approach, rationale, activities and deliverables with supporting case studies and won the award for Best Articulated Presentation.

Workshop Coverage

The innovation-led workshop started with interactive games and hands-on exercises. It provided practical insights on identifying the users' real needs. It also touched upon usage scenarios. The 'Designing for Delight' (D4D) approach emphasised on involving users throughout the product development process.

Takeaways for Participants

Participants learnt the importance of design thinking, and reaching out to the customers at the bottom of the pyramid. USID had a blend of talks, paper presentations, panel discussions and interactive workshops. Also some of the other takeaways include the importance of understanding culture in the product development, and the aspect of acting local but impacting globally.

Client Recommendations

"The delivery was consistent, thoughtful and measured. Texavi's Social Business Maturity Model worked well for me."

Louise Caldwell
- OMT Group

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