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From Problems to Solutions, the UX way!

Texavi recently conducted a 1-day training workshop at Fulcrum Worldwide, at their Pune facility. The workshop had participants from different roles and backgrounds comprising project managers, business analysts, project leads, technical leads, developers, creative team and testers.

Training Coverage

The training session covered the practical approaches involved in the creation of solutions. It emphasised on first identifying the right problems through to the recommendation of alternative solutions, all in the context of software product engineering. It was focused on how participants can effectively use the right tools and techniques from usability engineering, product innovation and software engineering, touching upon the best practices and guidelines.

Takeaways for Participants

Participants learnt through the core concepts and activities such as identification of correct requirements, user studies, prototyping, and user evaluation of the work products. The session had various interactive sessions including case studies and real life examples.

They also learnt the pitfalls, and challenges during the various stages of the process, along with tips and hints to overcome them in an effective way. The session benefited the participants with useful takeaways that would help them perform their roles in a more meaningful and structured manner!

Client Recommendations

"The delivery was consistent, thoughtful and measured. Texavi's Social Business Maturity Model worked well for me."

Louise Caldwell
- OMT Group

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