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Behaviour Design Boot Camp

From Apple to Facebook, every successful business today has been using a powerful weapon - behaviour design and persuasion and. Behaviour change and modeling helps customers adopt positive behaviours for their own benefit and that of the businesses. Texavi participated in the boot camp conducted by Prof. B.J.Fogg from Stanford University, California. The boot camp had participants from different industries, profiles and domains. Visit www.facebook.com/texavi for all the interesting photos of the event.

What was the boot camp about

The workshop was different not only in its content but also in the context and delivery. Open-house discussions and interactive brain-storming replaced the more traditional ways of presentations. The topics were chosen carefully and their delivery to participants too was meticulous. With live case studies, interactive sessions and involving discussions, the workshop gave a deep-rooted perspective on the art and science of behaviour design to the participants.

Behaviour Design Boot Camp Formula
Behaviour Design Boot Camp Trivial Mapping

What's special in the boot camp

The workshop provided rich and practical insights that can be applied by participants quickly and easily. The boot camp succeeded in its aim to make the participants experts in behaviour design. Good use of different rooms and outdoors kept the workshop alive and participants active. Nice blend of individual and group exercises made the sessions insightful and interactive, as well. The boot camp ended with a fine dinner coupled with the finest selection of local wines, arranged by the local wine trader.

Behaviour Design Boot Camp Star Fish Exercise
Behaviour Design Boot Camp Starfish Exercise

Key takeaways

The boot camp was different from others in the way it was conducted and also offered useful takeaways for the participants. The focus for businesses should be on users' behaviours, and not just their product's features and functionality. Also, there must be a sense of urgency in reaching the solution, instead of spending too much time analysing the problems. The behaviour models explained in the workshop align with the agile development and lean start-up philosophies. There were interactions with alumni and previous boot campers that helped participants to reap the benefits from the workshop.

Behaviour Design Boot Camp Prof. Fogg Articulates
Behaviour Design Boot Camp Dinner