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Our Do It Now Framework

The real success for businesses lies in identifying the target people who are already motivated to perform the desired behaviours. Place hot triggers in their paths and nudge them with the right persuasive design and messages. To put it in simple terms, "Want to do + can do = will do". We created this framework, part of which is inspired by Prof. BJ Fogg's Behaviour Model. Using our Do It Now framework, businesses can appeal and persuade, to help build awareness, emotion and trust.

Texav's Do It Now Framework - An Overview

  • Provides a model for behaviour change through persuasive design and messaging
  • It has 3 core strands - awareness, motivation and action
  • The core objective of behaviour change is achieved using the powerful tools i.e, appeal, persuasion and     triggers
  • The framework is agnostic of technologies, domains and verticals
  • Our Do It Now framework can be used in designing, developing, delivering and marketing products and     services for any consumer-facing segment

Our Do It Now Framework

Behaviour change and habit formation

Businesses may want to induce new behaviors in their new customers. While in some other instances, you may need to change the existing behaviors - increase, decrease, or altogether stop them. Behaviour change can be classified into the following four categories.

  • People can acquire new behaviors - Do New
  • Increase existing behaviours - Do more
  • Decrease existing behaviours - Do less
  • Stop existing behaviours - Stop doing

Make Habits / Break Habits